Bumpers & Bogeys: A POP Fundraiser

Date and Time

Saturday, September 17 2016.

Tournament start time is 1pm. Doors will open for practice at 11:00am.


The amazing home of @sfpinball, 2459 5th Ave. San Rafael, CA


If you're driving, there is ample street parking around the venue.

If you're car-free, Golden Gate Transit runs regular buses to San Rafael from San Francisco and the East Bay. Use Google Transit to see which route will be most convenient for you.

We recommend taking the bus to the San Rafael Transit Center and then taking Lyft or Uber to the venue from there. It will save you a lot of time and the ride should cost less than $10. If you're looking for someone to share a ride with, try connecting with other tournament goers on the Facebook event page.

Cost to Play

$20 entry fee. All participants must make the donation to POP. No free passes accepted.

This event is a fundraiser for the Pinball Outreach Project (POP). All money paid in entry fees will be donated to POP. The tournaments will not have cash prizes. (But they will award points towards your world pinball player ranking, and be super fun!)


Objective based pin-golf followed by playoffs.

Qualifying Round

In groups, participants will play through a 9 hole course, with each hole being a different pinball machine. Every game will have an objective posted (example: destroy two saucers on Attack from Mars), and the player's goal is to accomplish that objective in the fewest balls possible. Each ball played on the machine counts as a stroke, and the players with the fewest strokes after completing the course will advance to finals.

Anticipated Tournament Games

These are the games and objectives we are currently expecting to use in the tournament. Scroll down to the bottom of the page for explanations of how to complete the objectives on each game.

The same set of machines will be used in both qualifying and playoffs, although the difficulty level of the objectives may be increased for A Division playoffs.


We will have playoffs in A and B Divisions.

The top 8 players overall after the qualifying round will advance to A Division playoffs.

The next 4 players who are not ranked in the top 1000 worldwide will advance to B Division playoffs. If we get a lot of players who are eligible for B Division, we may expand the number of playoff spots.

For both divisions, playoffs format will be more pingolf! In groups of four, players will play through a mini-course of 4 holes using pingolf scoring. At the end of the course, players will be ranked against one another based on how many strokes it took them to complete.

For A Division, after the first round the top two players in each group will advance to the final four.

Side Tournament

We will also have a best game side tournament. The side tournament will be a limited best game format. Format may change slightly, but right now we're anticipating three machines with two scores from each machine counting towards rankings, followed by playoffs for the top 4 players.


Since this tournament is a fundraiser, there will be no cash prizes at the event.

However, there will be awards for first through fourth place in each tournament in both A and B divisions.

Objective Details

Find descriptions of how to achieve the objectives on each machine below.

Fire!: Light 4x bonus multiplier

Complete lit banks of stand-up targets to put out fires. Putting out a fire will light one side of the loop at the center top of the playfield for Advance X. Hit the loop from the lit sit to advance. Bonus X value carries over between balls.

Harbody: Complete one row of stations

There are four banks of stand-up targets on the playfield, two on the upper playfield and two on the lower. Once you have completed a set of targets, it will be indicated by a light on the grid at the bottom center of the playfield. You can fill out a row of stations either by completing one bank of stand-ups three times or by completing each bank one time. Progress carries over between balls.

Spectrum: Solve a puzzle.

The lower portion of the playfield is a large grid. Each cell in the grid is a square with four colored lights. At the beginning of your game, all four lights in the first square will be flashing. The square will all lights flashing indicates the current puzzle you are trying to solve.

To solve a puzzle, you need to guess which color is the answer. There are four colored banks of drop targets around the playfield. You choose the color you're guessing as an answer by knocking down two of that color targets. If you guess the wrong color, the game will move on to a new puzzle.

Get clues from the game by hitting the three saucers around the playfield. When you hit a saucer, it will tell you a color that is not correct. You can then identify the correct color by process of elimination.

When you have correctly solved a puzzle, the color you guessed will be lit flashing on the grid square, and the game will move on to a new puzzle by lighting up all four lights in a different grid square. If the color you guessed is wrong, the game will move on to a new puzzle and the light of the color you guessed will be lit solid.

Transporter the Rescue: Build the X-cellerator value to 400k

Shoot the Transporter ball popper on the lower right playfield to feed ball to the upper flipper. From there, shoot across the bridge into the Transporter ring. The number of times the ball spins around the ring will determine how much the X-cellerator value increases. Three good shots should be enough to get to 400k. Progress carries over across balls but value degrades over time.

Spanish Eyes: light three stars

There are six numbered stand-up targets around the playfield - two on either side of the upper portion of the playfield and one each on the sides of the lower portion of the playfield. Hitting a target will light the corresponding star in the center playfield. Progress carries over between balls.

Taxi: collect 3 passengers

At the beginning of your game, two passengers will be lit for pickup - Pinbot and Gorby. Collect Gorby by hitting the lane immediately to the left of the right ramp. Collect Pinbot by hitting the three targets on the center right side of the playfield. All three targets need to be hit within 15 seconds or they will reset. Collecting one passenger will make another passenger available. Passengers reset at the beginning of each ball.

The Shadow: light all four rings

There are two ramps on the playfield. Each ramp has a diverter that can be controlled with a second set of buttons (located right behind the regular flipper buttons). There is a ring on both sides of the diverter on each ramp. The rings start out flashing at the beginning of the game. When you make a ramp shot, the ring on the side of the diverter that the ball went will be lit solid. Light all four rings by hitting each ramp on both diverter sides.

Doctor Who: start multiball

Lock two balls by hitting them into the twin saucers at the center top of the playfield. Once two balls are locked, the Time Expander will raise up to reveal five circular targets. Hit each target three times to complete and start multiball. Progress carries over between balls.

Spring Break: spell out V-A-C-A-T

There are two banks of drop targets in the center of the playfield. Knocking down a bank of targets lights one letter to spell out V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N. Objective is achieved by completing five sets of targets. Progress resets at the beginning of each ball.