Ghost Town Throwdown

Date and Time

Sunday, April 17 2015.

Start time is 1pm, and registration will open at 12:30pm.


Stay Gold Deli, 2635 San Pablo Avenue, Oakland, CA.

Cost to Play

$5 entry fee, plus the cost of games played during the tournament.


Four-strike group knockout.

Each round, you'll be matched up with three other players and assigned a machine. You'll play one four-player game on the machine, and the players with the two lowest scores at the end receive a strike. Once you accumulate four strikes, you're out of the tournament. Last player standing is the winner!


All cash from entry fees will be paid out to players as prizes. There will be awards and cash prizes for the top four players, as well as the highest finishing novice player.

Games List

Anticipated machine line-up at Stay Gold Deli for the tournament is: Tales of the Arabian Nights, Fish Tales, Lord of the Rings, and Metallica.