Pinmas 2112

Need to escape the chaos of the holiday season? We have just the thing to clear your head and reset your spirits - a voyage through time to the year 2112, where instead of Christmas we celebrate *Pinmas*. Spend the afternoon with us, flipping furiously through four hours of nonstop head to head pinball (with a side of espresso, of course) to determine who will be crowned Pinmas Champion! Glory and prizes beyond your imagination await - so play fast and play well.

Date and Time

Saturday, December 20th. Tournament starts at 3:00pm. Registration will open at noon. Scarlet City is open starting at 8am, players are welcome to arrive as early as they like to practice.


Scarlet City Espresso Bar, 3960 Adeline Street, Emeryville, CA.

Getting There

Players who drive to the event should not have trouble finding street parking near the venue. Scarlet City is also easily accessible on public transit, just two blocks from the AC Transit 72 bus line, or one block from the 57 and 26. For those coming via BART, it is a little over half a mile walk from the MacArthur BART station, or you can take the free Emery-Go-Round shuttle from the BART station.

Food and Drink

In addition to their highly acclaimed coffee, Scarlet City offer empanadas from Javi's Cooking and snacks from McVicker Pickles and Bump City Bakery, plus beer on tap from Oakland based Federation Brewing and Line 51 Brewing Company.

Cost to Enter

$10, plus coin drop on the games played during the tournament.


The tournament will run exactly four hours, with ongoing head to head matches on all available machines.

At the beginning of the event, players will be placed in a queue according to their order of registration. The first two players in the queue will be assigned a match on one machine, the next two players on the next machine, and so on until matches are being played on all available machines.

Players will play one two-player game on their assigned machine. When the game is over, the player with the higher score (the winner) collects a point and then goes to the back of the queue to await their next match.

The player with the lower score remains on the machine to face their next opponent - whoever was at the front of the queue, and the process repeats. (There is only one queue for the whole tournament, players are assigned machines and opponents based solely on what becomes available first when they are at the front of the queue.)

If a player loses two matches in a row on the same machine, then both players from the match go to the back of the queue and the first and second players currently in the queue will step forward to play a match on the just-vacated machine.

If a player is not available when their name comes up to play, they will be skipped and sent to the back of the queue.

At the end of the event, players are ranked based on how many points (wins) they have collected. In the event multiple players have the same number of wins, the tiebreaker will be who has the fewest number of loses.

Side Tournament Format

The side tournament will be a high score tournament on Genesis. Each player will get one free entry into the side tournament with their tournament entry fee. Unlimited additional entries may be purchased for $5 each. The side tournament will be open from noon to 3pm, and from the end of the main tournament until Scarlet City closes at 8pm.


Yes! This will be a full WPPR event, with a half-WPPR side tournament.

Games List

Current machine line-up at Scarlet City is: Star Trek: The Next Generation (1993), Demolition Man (1993), Doctor Who (1992), and Genesis (1986). Additional games will be brought in for the tournament.