September 15, 2014: September Tournament at Hi-Life

Thanks so much to everybody who joined us at our September Casual Tournament at Hi-Life, that just may have been our most fun tournament yet. Tournament director Echa Schneider scored her first first-place win in a Hi-Life tournament. Second place and novice champion went to Vic Anderson, who was playing in his first-ever pinball tournament. I have a feeling we'll be seeing more of Vic. SFPD player and all around super nice guy Eric Wagensonner took third.

But the real highlight of the night was the one-handed side tournament Sarah Donovan ran on Fish Tales. TJ Beyer put up a ridiculous 101 million (a score plenty of players I know would be delighted to earn playing with both hands) to win, although Robin Lassonde threatened with a pretty spectacular game of her own. She didn't quite get there, but managed an amazing 81 million for a solid second place. Andy Donovan took third with 40 million, and Eric put up 35 million for fourth. Fish Tales tournament winners split a healthy $22 pot, and all took home a nifty paint-your-own squiggle fish kit so they can get their craft on!

Congratulations to all our winners and thanks so much, as always, to the whole crew at Hi-Life for hosting us, and of course to our operator TJ Beyer for keeping all these machines in such lovely shape and supporting these events by donating pinball coupons for first-time and early-eliminated players.

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