December 8, 2014: Pinball! Pinball! Pinball!

Thanks so much to all you wonderful people who joined us for Pinball! Pinball! Pinball! (December Casual Tournament at Hi-Life) last night, that was a lot of fun! Congratulations to our winner, TJ Beyer! Second place went to Hal Erickson, and I took third and women's champion. Novice champion went to Brian Kupcheck, who was playing in a Hi-Life tournament for the first time, and finished 6th overall. Hopefully we will be seeing Brian at many future events!

In addition to their cash prizes, TJ, Echa, and Brian all took home $10 gift certificates to Scarlet City Espresso Bar in Emeryville, another fantastic place to play pinball and the site of the next Hella Heart Pinball tournament, Pinmas 2112 on December 20th.

Thanks as always to Them Heathens and the rest of the wonderful team at Hi-Life Oakland for hosting us, and of course to TJ for keeping the machines at Hi-Life in such great shape for us, and for donating pinball coupons to the tournament! Also, big thanks to Robin Lassonde for helping me tally the scores, that would have taken like five times as long if I were doing it by myself.

Here are the final results from the tournament.

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