February 21, 2015: Alpha Flip

Wow, I hope everybody else had as much fun as I did yesterday at Alpha Flip: A Novice Only Pinball Tournament! It was so exciting to see so many new faces at a pinball event.

Congratulations to our victors: Daniel Schulman was the Grand Champion of the day, Donald Lathbury took second, third went to Mike Miller, and Matt Hansen finished fourth. Eustina Daniluk took home the women's champion award, and Jace Proctor came out on top among first time tournament players (three of whom made it into our playoffs!)

Huge thanks to all the folks who made this event possible, chief among them TJ Beyer who has been putting in a ton of time at Scarlet City lately getting the games in tournament ready shape for us and even went the extra mile to bring us a sixth game for the afternoon. Thank you TJ!

Much appreciation to everybody who donated all those wonderful prizes I was able to pass out: Playland Not at the Beach passes courtesy of Kendra Zien, the Hi-Life Oakland pinball coupons and Scandia Fun Card were from TJ, and that delicious Scarlet City coffee was roasted special for you by Jen St Hilaire. Major props are in order also for Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen who built the great app we used to run the event, which makes my life as a tournament director a zillion times easier. And of course, so much gratitude to all the wonderful folks at Scarlet City for being such great hosts and bringing us yet another awesome pinball destination in the East Bay!

Here are the final results from the tournament.

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