April 5, 2015: Echa's Eggcellent Adventure

Wow, thank you so much to everybody who spent their Easter with me at Hi-Life Oakland for Echa's Eggcellent Adventure (WPPRs), that was awesome!

And super super special thanks to Masha who totally saved me multiple times throughout the day! Also to Russell, Josh, Darren, Per, Brian, Robin, Andreas, and Michelle, all of whom were hugely helpful with this event. And OF COURSE and as always, to TJ, without whom we could not have any of these tournaments at all.

Congratulations to our winners! Fresh off her win at last week's PinPin 101 women's tournament, Robin Lassonde took first place again. Second went to Josh Lehan, Andreas Pedersen finished third, and fourth place went to Gene X Hwang. In B Division, Ellen Frankel came out on top, followed by Kevin Montgomery, Allison O'Neill, and Christel Joyce M.. Well played, all of you!

Thanks again to everyone at Hi-Life for hosting us, and to Them Heathens, TJ, Jen, and Kendra for their generous prize donations. I am super excited to do this again next year.

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