April 21, 2015: Hella Heart Hi-Life Pinball

Thanks so much to everybody who joined me at Hi-Life Oakland last night for another awesome tournament, I hope you all enjoyed yourselves as much as I did!

Congratulations to our winner, TJ Beyer! Even by TJ standards, he was on fire last night, and finished with an amazing 12-0 record. Zac Wollons took second, with an impressive 9 wins. Third place came down to a tie-breaking game on AC/DC between Chris Lindboe, Chris Heilig, and first-time tournament player Mike Stoeppelwerth, where Chris L. emerged victorious. Mike's fifth-place finish earned him our top novice award, and the women's champion prize went to Louise Wagensonner, who finished sixth overall.

Huge thanks to all the great folks at Hi-Life for hosting us and as always, to TJ for keeping all these great machines out on location for us to play!

Here are the final results from the tournament.

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