May 23rd, 2015: Double Danger

Big big thanks to everybody who joined us at Scarlet City for an awesome afternoon of pinball! At the end of the day, it came down to a tie-breaking match between The Chillers (Mike and Emily) and Powerball Madness (David and Eustina), and The Chillers took it home!

Mike is relatively new to the competitive pinball scene but has been making a big splash since he joined SFPD in January, and he brought Emily yesterday for her first-ever pinball tournament. David and Eustina are regular faces at Hella Heart Pinball tournaments, and this was the first time finishing second for both of them. Congratulations all around!

As always, huge thanks to TJ Beyer and Jen St Hilaire for making these great events possible by providing us all these wonderful machines and a great spot to play them.

The cross-player doubles format was a big hit, we will DEFINITELY be doing more team tournaments in the future!

Full results:

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