June 20, 2015: How to Survive a Pinbot Uprising

I was thrilled to see such awesome turn out for How to Survive a Pinbot Uprising (WPPRs) at Scarlet City! Big thanks to everybody who came.

And congratulations to our winners! Alex Samonte finished first (and earned only one strike all day), Zac Wollons took second, Jeffrey Neumann won third, and David C. Lee end up in fourth. Our novice champion was Eustina Daniluk (10th place overall), who had never even played pinball a year ago and but got hooked after basically stumbling into our Halloween tournament at Scarlet City.

Lots of people were part of making this event awesome. Huge huge thanks to TJ Beyer for bringing us not one, but TWO extra machines to play for the day (and for keeping all these great games at Scarlet City just in general). And of course to Jen St Hilaire and Susanna Handow for hosting us and creating this wonderful place to play pinball and Andreas for the MatchPlay software which makes my life so much easier.

Also to Robin, Louise, Ron (and probably a lot of other people who I either didn't notice or am forgetting) for stepping up to help run the side tournament. Finally, I am endlessly grateful to our prize donors: TJ, Jen, Kendra, Steve, and Greg. Thank you all so much!

Full results:

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