July 10, 2015: Isolinear Flip

OMG Isolinear Flip was so much fun! We DEFINITELY need to do more silly tournaments.

Congratulations to David, who won by a landslide with a total of 27 points (next best score was 34) and got the best score on TWO machines (T2 with 10.3 million and ST:TNG with 750 million). Ellen finished second and earned the top score on Star Trek (12 million! Next best score was 8). Echa didn't get any high scores, but two seconds were enough to propel her to third overall, and Eustina finished in fourth place and took top honors on Genesis with 1.4 million!

Shout out also to Forrest for the high score on Demo Man (650 million) and John who came out on top on Space Invaders with 189,000.

Huge huge thanks to Jen and Susanna from Scarlet City for hosting us and staying open late for the tournament, to TJ for providing all these awesome games to play and for donating tournament prizes, and Kimberly, Ellen, and TJ for helping me tally scores.

Full results:

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