July 21, 2015: Hella Heart Hi-Life Pinball: July

Big thanks to everybody who made it out to Hi-Life Oakland for July's monthly tournament. We had a smaller than usual crowd (as expected, due to proximity to CAX), but the competition was certainly no less steep and the evening was no less fun!

Congratulations to our champion, Eric Wagensonner, who celebrated his first ever first place finish last night! Alex Pierson finished second, John Morales took home both the third place and novice champion awards, and Ryan Hess rounded out the top four at his first ever Hi-Life tournament.

Huge thanks to the wonderful folks at Hi-Life for hosting us, TJ Beyer for providing all these wonderful games for us to play and keeping them in such great shape, Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen for the wonderful MatchPlay software that makes running tournaments a breeze!

Full results:

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