August 21, 2015: Set Phasers to Flip 2

We had another fantastic evening at Scarlet City for the second in our six-week Friday night tournament series!

Congratulations to our champion, David C. Lee, who spent the evening putting up huge score after huge score on every machine we threw at him. Well done, David! Second place went to Eric Wagensonner, which was doubly impressive considering he also served as master of ceremonies last night, and I finished third. With that, David, Eric, and I have all secured an invitation to series playoffs on Saturday, September 26th.

My heartfelt gratitude goes out to Eric, for running the tournament last night so I could have a much-needed break after a very busy week of hosting pinball events. Huge thanks to Jen and Susanna at Scarlet City for hosting us and creating such a fantastic pinball destination, and as always to operator TJ Beyer for supplying us with all these wonderful machines to play!

Thanks also to Andreas for helping out with scorekeeping, and to Scarlet City and the Pacific Pinball Museum for supporting the event with their prize donations, and last but certainly not least, to everybody who joined us and made it such a fun evening.

Full results:

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