September 4, 2015: Set Phasers to Flip 4

Who is AWESOME? Oh I know, the 22 pinheads who joined us at Scarlet City for the fourth in our six-week Set Phasers to Flip pinball tournament series! And *especially* Louise, who did a fantastic job running the event last night (while playing awesomely herself).

Also awesome: our winners - David Joud went undefeated all night and took first place, I finished second, and Andy Kuntz won third while also acting as our tech for the evening! It's been a great tournament week for Andy, who also won first place at our Hi-Life Oakland tournament on Tuesday. And of course, TJ Beyer, who brings us all these great games to play, and Jen and Susanna from Scarlet City for hosting us and bringing us this great space to play pinball!

Huge thanks to all 51 players who have joined us so far to make this series a runaway success. If you haven't joined the fun yet, you have two remaining opportunities to do so - next Friday, September 11th, and the following Friday, September 18th. If you place in the top three, you will secure a spot in A Division playoffs on Saturday, September 26th! There are also at least 8 spots in A Division and 12 spots in B Division playoffs up for grabs to players who earn points by coming to multiple events - current standings are live on our website:

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