September 15, 2015: Hella Heart Hi-Life Pinball

Three cheers to all the awesome pinheads who joined me for our private party/pinball tournament at Hi-Life Oakland last night, that was so much fun!

Congratulations to our champion, Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen on a well-earned win! Second place went to Becky Swafford, in her best performance at a pinball tournament so far. Eric Wagensonner took third for the second time at a Hi-Life tournament this month, and I broke my long streak of finishing near-last at these events by barely squeaking into the playoffs and finishing in fourth.

Shout out to Jonathan Snyder, who was playing in a pinball tournament for the second time ever and was our top qualifier going into playoffs, and to first-timer Evan Ponchick who put up over 7500 points on an abnormally difficult Melody. Nice work both of you!

Huge thanks to everybody who makes these events possible - the wonderful crew at Hi-Life for providing such a great space to play pinball, TJ Beyer for bringing us all these awesome games, and Andreas for creating the awesome MatchPlay software that keeps these events running.

Full results:

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