October 6, 2015: Hella Heart Hi-Life Pinball

Three cheers for the twenty-eight awesome pinheads who spent their Tuesday night with me at Hi-Life Oakland for first October tournament! We've already beat last month's total player count and we still have one more to go, how cool is that? Also cool - we had THREE first time tournament players, and several of last month's newbies returned to play with us again. I love watching people get hooked on competitive pinball!

Congratulations to our champions - Zac Wollons took first place, Chris Lindboe finished second, David C. Lee won third, and Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen got fourth. Novice champion was first-timer Jack Wasserman (who isn't pictured because he had to leave before awards time).

Super special thanks to Louise Wagensonner, who stepped up to run the show last night, giving me a much-appreciated break. She did a great job - hopefully we will be seeing many more Louise-run tournaments in the future! As always, much gratitude to TJ Beyer, for keeping all these great games running for us, and also to Andreas for creating the excellent MatchPlay software we use to run these events. And of course to the whole crew at Hi-Life for hosting us!

Full results:

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