November 17, 2015: Hella Heart Hi-Life Pinball

Thanks so much to everybody who joined us last night at Hi-Life Oakland to make our third-to-last Tuesday tournament of 2015 so much fun!

Congratulations to Mark Birsching, who took put up over 5 billion on Johnny Mnemonic to secure his first place finish for the night. Mark has been a Hella Heart Hi-Life Pinball regular since we started these events nearly two years ago, and frequently places in the top four, but this was his first time winning outright. Way to go, Mark! Second place went to last tournament's champion, Aaron Steele Nelson, Chris Connelly took third, and newcomer Tim Juchcinski won both fourth place and novice champion. Kudos all around!

As always, huge thanks to everyone who makes these events possible: the wonderful crew at Hi-Life, Eric Wagensonner, who did an awesome job hosting both tournaments this month, Andreas Haugstrup Pedersen, who created the awesome MatchPlay software we use to run the tournaments, and of course our fabulous operator TJ Beyer, who brings us all these great games to play and keeps the line-up at Hi-Life in wonderful shape. We are truly spoiled.

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