Echa's Eggcellent Adventure

Your favorite annual Easter egg hunt/pinball tournament

Date and Time

Sunday, April 16, 2017. Start time is 12:00pm.

Doors will open to players for warm-up at 11:00am.


Free Gold Watch, 1676 Waller St. San Francisco, CA

Cost to Play

$20 entry fee, plus the cost of games played during the tournament.

Entry fees will be split 50/50 between tournament expenses (eggs, candy, awards) and prize pot.


Pre-registration is required for players who wish to participate in the tournament.

This tournament is currently full, but we encourage interested players to sign up for the waitlist at the above link. There is a good chance some spots will open up!

To join the waitlist, fill out this form.

Format Summary

Players collect eggs hidden around Free Gold Watch and find assignments for their tournament matches hidden inside. Once everyone has collected their eggs, players find their match partners and play one two-player game with each of them on the assigned machines.

Each player will collect 9 eggs.

Once all the egg matches have been completed, the twelve players with the most wins advance to A division playoffs. Playoff format will be double elimination bracket with best-of-one matches. Playoff format is subject to change before the tournament date, but this page will be updated with the final format no later than April 1st, 2016.

The next eight players who do not have a world pinball player ranking of 1000 or better will advance to B division playoffs, which will also be a double elimination bracket with best-of-one matches.

For more information about the specifics of the format, scroll down to the format details section.

Player Cap

Participation at this event is limited to 40 players.


Open Division

There will be awards for places 1 through 4, and cash prizes for places 1 through 8.

B Division

After the qualifying round, the eight highest ranking players who do not advance to open division playoffs and who do not have world pinball player ranking of 1000 or better will advance to B Division playoffs. There will be awards and cash prizes for places 1 through 4.

Entry Fee Distribution

Money from entry fees will be split 50/50 between tournament supplies and cash prizes for winners.


Yes! This is an IFPA-sanctioned event and will award points towards your World Pinball Player Ranking.


Tournament Format Details

Easter Egg Hunt

Prior to the start of the tournament, Easter Eggs will be hidden around Free Gold Watch.

When the tournament starts, each player will be responsible for collecting ten eggs.

Inside each of their eggs, players will find a slip of paper with an assignment for a tournament match. (Example: "You are Player 1 on Match A on Wizard," or "You are Player 2 on Match J on Iron Man")

Qualifying Portion

Once everyone has their eggs, tournament play will begin.

All players will record their match assignments on a centrally posted board, and use this to find their partners. For each egg collected, participants will play one two-player game with their partner on the assigned machine.

At the end of the match, the winner will report the outcome to the tournament director.

The qualifying period will continue until all egg matches have been completed.

Warm-Up Time

Doors at Free Gold Watch will open at 11am for tournament players to allow time to practice before the tournament starts. After all the eggs have been collected, there will be no additional practice on tournament machines.

Egg Awards

In addition to a match assignment, the slips in some eggs will indicate a prize for the winner. (Example: "You are Player 1 on Match B on The Seawitch. Match bounty: $5 gift certificate to the Pacific Pinball Museum")

Winners should collect their egg awards from the tournament director when they come to report the outcome of the match.

Unpartnered matches

If for any reason players are left without a partner for one of their matches, the tournament director will reassign the match, pairing them with the next unpartnered player in the master match list.

If there are no other unpartnered players in need of an additional match for them to play with, they will play their match on the assigned machine against the tournament director.


The 12 players who accumulate the most wins during qualifying will advance to playoffs, which will be a double elimination bracket with best-of-one matches. Where players are tied with the same number of qualifying wins, seeding will be assigned according to IFPA rank.


If there is a tie for entry into playoffs, the tie will be broken with a single game on a machine selected by the tournament director.

Play order for the tiebreaker game will be determined by the order in which players signed up. (First to register gets to play last.)